How many agents per suburb?

There are a maximum of 4 agents per suburb, 2 in the Premium advertising position and 2 in the Standard advertising position.

The Premium Featured Agent Spot - appears above the Westpac Mortgage Calculator, and is the first agent that home shoppers will see. Because this spot is popular it will be available on both ½ share and full share.

Standard Featured Agent Spot - this is the entry-level featured agent advert, it appears below the Westpac Mortgage calculator, and is great value for money. The service of featured agents does cover all the main categories, so there is the opportunity to be featured just on commercial listings, farm listings or on rental property. So for each category there can only be 4 agents per suburb.

How do I find out the cost of my suburb?

Easy, select your suburb and your chosen category of business on the Featured Agent screen and click 'check availability'. The prices displayed are for 4 weeks advertising: for Sale > Priced from $25 to $300 per month Rentals > Priced from $10 to $35 per month

Prime Commercial > Priced from $50 to $300 per month

NZ Farms > Priced from $10 to $35 per month

What basis is used to define the varying costs?

The criterion for the charging rate is based on the popularity of each suburb. We regularly review the number of viewings of each suburb and revise the charging per suburb on that basis. This is why you may find that the price per suburb may change from one period to another.

My suburb is full - what can I do?

Unfortunately if all 4 slots have been booked then it appears that you missed out. If you would like to be notified via email when the suburb has become available for purchase, simply click ‘Add to watchlist.’

We chose to restrict the Featured Agents to just 4 per suburb as this ensures that the impact on the buyers looking at the site is not interrupted by too many Featured Agents.

Why has started this initiative?

We have launched this service at the request of individual agents who wanted to take advantage of the large audience on the website to promote themselves in order to seek new vendor enquiries. We felt that we could provide a more cost effective means for agents to advertise themselves versus the cost of other advertising currently being offered by newspapers and magazines. This is only possible as a result of the website being owned by the industry whereby we can run the operation of the website to primarily benefit the industry, not external shareholders.

What is the Multi Booking bonus?

If you book 3 or more featured agent adverts (suburbs), then you will also get an added bonus - your picture will be included next to all your listings in the search results. You must however be the lead agent of the listing.

How can I find out if there is space available for my chosen suburb?

To find out if a slot is currently available, login to your AgentPro account and search for your chosen suburb.

Can I add my blog or my website as the link?

The link provided in the Feature Agent advert takes the enquirer to your profile page on On this page there is the opportunity for external links to office website, agent website, external profiles and also an agent's blog. To update your links make sure you enter these under the Profile tool of AgentPro.

My featured agent advert shows my office telephone - I would prefer it to show my mobile number?

If your mobile number is not showing it is because we do not hold that number in our database. We have set a priority rule for the display of contact details. Firstly we show the mobile number, if that is not available we show the home number, if that is not available we show the office number. You can simply add your mobile number to your profile on AgentPro. If this section is locked then you will need to get these details updated by your office manager.

What happens if I do not have a credit card?

The service of Featured Agent is based on first-come-first-served. Due to demand and to the processing costs of managing orders, invoices and cash collection we do not offer this service. Unfortunately if you do not have a credit card you cannot purchase this service.

Can I change my featured agent advert style and tag line during my campaign?

Yes! If you want to change the style or tag line or any other part of your ad, simply email us on and will make the alteration.